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Harry Styles' Buzz Cut CONFIRMED And Fans Have Questions!

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 10, 2023 at 11:15 AM EST

Harry Styles' famous and ever-changing haircuts have always caught fans' attention — which explains why the confirmation of the pop star's latest buzz cut sent them into a frenzy. 

The singer had seemingly debuted the bold new look while attending a U2 concert with his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, in Las Vegas recently. The action prompted fans to express their shock and pose certain questions regarding his choice, which has made him nearly unrecognizable via social media.

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Harry Styles' Shaved Head Becomes A Reality

Styles has once again become the topic of discussion amongst fans after images of him sporting the new style surfaced online on Friday. In the pictures, the One Direction band member, who's been known for his full brunette tresses since rising to fame in 2010, is seen having a blast with his girlfriend by his side. 

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Witnesses reported that the singer and his girlfriend were affectionate, cuddling and sharing sweet moments, including taking selfies and exchanging little kisses during the show. They are said to have been part of a larger group of friends who all allegedly had a great time, even enjoying a dance circle as the night neared its end.

While the update, which was first published by TMZ, confirmed that the 29-year-old had found love again following the end of his romance with Taylor Swift, fans were more focused on his buzz cut.

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How Does  Harry Styles With No Hair Work?

Proving that the striking change from his trademark long hair has certainly left an impact, one fan wondered via X, "how tf are you gonna be named harry styles with no hair to style," and another noted, "harry styles but no hair to style," alongside footage of the "Watermelon Sugar" artist at the U2 concert.

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A third X user uploaded a 13-second video of a man wearing heels and strutting around in a room full of women, claiming, "what harry styles concerts are gonna look like now." 

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At the same time, a fourth fan shared a picture of the  "What Makes You Beautiful" hitmaker holding a microphone while on-stage, alongside the words, "hey guys remember when harry styles had hair?"

Yet another internet user dropped a clip of singer Adele at a 2022 NBA All-Stars game intentionally avoiding the cameras as the commentator spoke about her presence. In the caption, they admitted, "me pretending not to care about harry styles' hair so it grows back faster."

"Imagine there's no day (dey)…makes no sense right? That's the equivalent of Harry styles with no hair to style," a sixth onlooker stated above the aforementioned U2 footage. 

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Some Harry Styles Fans Are Loving It!

Meanwhile, this fan seemed not to care about the change, pleading, "Psst psst @Harry_Styles let me rub your head please, I love the feel of a buzzcut 🥺🥺🥺🥺."

A like-minded X user also posted, "why is everyone upset that Harry Styles shaved his head? it's sooooo hot wtf lmao.

Fans Had Enough Time To Come To Terms With The Grammy Awards Winner's Hairstyle

Harry Styles makes a incredibly quick red carpet appearance for his "My Policeman" Premiere

The confirmation of Styles' buzz cut comes less than a week after The Blast reported that there were speculations that he'd made the decision to chop off his locks.

Fans had reacted in the same way, with this inconsolable one typing, "I swear to God if Harry Styles has a buzz cut that will be the end of me," and another sharing a short video of "Peaky Blinders" character, Tommy Shelby, holding a gun to his head and screaming.

The distressed fan captioned the scene, "Streets are saying Harry Styles got a buzzcut," seemingly alluding to offing themselves if the rumor turned out to be true. 

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Above a meme of a brown man crying, a third cyber surfer revealed, "Waking up to "Harry Styles buzz cut" is one of the scariest things I've ever done," as a fourth declared that they cannot bear to "live in a world where Harry Styles has a buzz cut."

"i need harry styles to publicly announce the buzzcut so i can move on from denial anger what if and depression and on to acceptance," a concerned observer expressed. 

Amid the outrage, one fan appeared to know the person responsible for Styles' cut — his ex-girlfriend, Swift. They pointed out, "Taylor Swift wrote 'You grew your hair long, i miss the old days, you didn't had to change' and Harry Styles booked a hair appointment."

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