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How Pitchfork Rated Grimes' New Album, 'Miss Anthropocene'

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By Jalyn Reed

Since the success of her last album, Art Angels in 2015, Grimes has shot into the spotlight of mainstream media for her freewheeling personality, as well as for her strange but interesting relationship with tech mogul and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. Fans of Grimes who have been with her since the beginning of her Tumblr pioneering days back in 2010 have been speculative as to how this would effect her sound and personality as an artist for her newest album, Miss Anthropocene.

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Grimes Performance
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The newest album has been described by Grimes as one whose message is specifically about climate change. “I wanted to make climate change fun,” Grimes has said in interviews and on her Instagram. According to the artist, she wants to construct her message on the climate crisis within her own unique perspective, offering a lens of villainy, avant-garde pop, and fantasy; something Grimes is used to doing in her work in order to get her point across when engaging with reality. This happy medium seems to work with her newest album.

'Miss Anthropocene'
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According to Pitchfork, the album is "More morose than her previous work, but no less camp." Her past work was the result of Grimes refining her skills as a producer, songwriter, and musical engineer, practicing methods that could more accurately represent who she was as an artist and to show her identity to the public through her music and visuals. However, with Miss Anthropocene, it seems that the artist has not only mastered such concepts but is using them to destroy that old self she is self-aware of.

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Grimes calls her new sound "ethereal nu-metal", which has created a more personal and honest persona that Grimes has recently become within the past decade, more specifically within the past five years, according to Pitchfork. Despite Grimes having a track record of being unapologetically outspoken on Tumblr and Twitter, the tracks that make up the 45 minutes (or 1 hour and 7 minutes, depending on which version you listen to), are more ambiguous when speaking on the specific theme the artist said it was about.

Grimes Performance
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Music media giant Pitchfork says that Grimes' fifth full-length project is "thrilling when it reveals a refined, linear evolution of Grimes’ long-standing interest in rave nostalgia and alluring pop music from around the world," the review by Anupa Mistry says. "Grimes’ first project as a bona fide pop star is more morose than her previous work, but no less camp. Her genuineness shines through the album’s convoluted narrative, and the songs are among her finest." The music media group gave Miss Anthropocene a rating of 8.2 out of 10.

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