Social media is having a hey-day with the Tristan Thompson paternity drama, and it’s obvious why.

On Monday, January 3, the NBA player publicly admitted to fathering another child while he was in an exclusive relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

After weeks of denying the child was his, a paternity test proved him VERY wrong.

Now, Twitter is calling on Khloe to apologize to Jordyn Woods who infamously had “an affair” with Tristan in February 2019.

According to Jordyn… Tristan kissed her, and Tristan made the first move.

One person tweeted, “Now @khloekardashian apologize to @jordynwoods for saying shes the reason your family was destroyed. Yo man got a community dick girl! Accept it !”

I love that Jordyn Woods has a man buying her a Porsche and wearing coordinated fits with her. Meanwhile Kylie is stuck with a murderous baby daddy and Khloe’s trapped with a serial cheater who has more baby mamas than NBA championship rings. Full circle,” one fan wrote.

Another supporter tweeted, “Jordyn woods got the hot loyal nba player who bought her a Porsche for Christmas.”

One person pointed out the fact that Jordyn has remained classy and civil throughout the entire cheating/paternity scandal.