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Kylie Jenner & Taylor Swift Get Called Out For Their Tipping Habits

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By MLC on October 20, 2021 at 7:37 PM EDT

Well, it looks like there will be PLENTY of celebrity and social influencers on Santa’s NAUGHTY list this year.

A new TikTok video where DoorDash workers reveal who tips and who doesn’t tip has gone viral.

Earlier this month a TikTok user by the handle @stevienickstw1nk posted a video of himself looking at the camera with a very down trodden face.

On top of the video there was writing which read, “me delivering an order for d**rd*sh to a very rich recording artist’s house in the Hollywood hills where my car was huffing and puffing to get up their driveway for them to just tip me $2…LOL>.”

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It soon garnered a lot of attention from other workers in the service industry, and the flood gates opened for better and worse.

One person commented, “This is giving me flashbacks to when I postmated for David Dobrik and got not tip ❤️.”

Another replied, “Naurrr bc I DoorDashed for Kylie Jenner and the order was over $250 and she tipped $2.”

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Bad Tipper

Kylie Jenner

One person called out Taylor Swift for her tipping habits and I’m happy to report, she tipped well.

“I doordashed for Taylor Swift and she actually tipped me $50 😅,” a happy to report TikTok user wrote.

Trey Songz was also praised for leaving a $50 tip for a DoorDash employee. Charlie Puth also got a shoutout for tipping $30 and complimenting a DDer for their Britney Spears shirt.

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Former Fifth Harmony member, Normani reportedly gave aa 100% tip on a $43.00 meal.

However, there were a lot more non-tipping celebrities than good ones.

Donald Glover, Jason Derulo, a “Riverdale” star, Tana Mongeau and Tyler the Creator were all called out for their poor tipping habits.

Jason DeZERO Tip!

Capital FM apos s Jingle Bell Ball 2018 London

They all either left ZERO dollars or a $1.00 tip.

Some people in the comments questioned why celebrities are obligated to leave a tip.

This person wrote, “But why are they obligated to pay u more when u agree to the amount made on the order beforehand 🤔 someone did pay u for ur service already.”

Another wrote, “What makes y’all think that you’re entitled to other peoples money, rich or not.”

Clearly this person hasn’t worked in the service industry.

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