Bad news folks, celebrities are helping speed up the process of climate change with their lavish jet setting trips.

Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time, but a recent study shows what celebrities are to blame for expediting this process.

Taylor Swift and her nemesis Kim Kardashian are among the most famous celebrities to emit carbon gasses that are poisoning the earth.

According to a marketing agency called “Yard,” celebrities including Kim, Floyd Mayweather and Blake Shelton’s private jet trips have been polluting the air with the tons of CO2e this year alone.

Sadly Swifties, TSwift is the one celebrity who has done it the most.

Yard’s data reveals that the top celebs have emitted an average of 3376.64 tonnes of CO2 emissions in their private jet use in 2022 so far.

Swift is among the top with 170 priate flights since the beginning of the year.

Her flights emitted 8,293.54 tonnes in the past seven months.

Per reports, the average person emits 7 tonnes annually.