Whoopi Goldberg has a big message for COVID’s Omicron variant, she is “Over It!”

She reportedly contracted the virus over the holidays, which she says was a ‘shock.’

Joy Behar broke the news on Monday, January 3, about her friend and co-host.

“Since she is vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms have been very, very mild, but we are being super cautious here at The View,” Behar said on Monday.

On Wednesday, Whoopi called in from home to give an update on her status.

Whoopi wore a black-and-white sweater that read, “Over It.”

She said, “I left a couple weeks ago just before the break, because someone I had been around tested positive for coronavirus, so I left. So, I’ve been gone a long time I feel.”

Whoopi says she was in complete shock when she found out she had coronavirus.

“That’s the thing about the Omicron, you just don’t know where it is,” Whoopi explained. “You don’t where it is, who’s got it, who’s passin’ it,” she said.