Queen Elizabeth II once begged Meghan Markle to settle things with her dad, Thomas Markle, a royal expert claimed.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl wrote in her book that the Queen believed things could have been handled better between father and daughter.

Thomas bailed on attending Markle’s wedding and later said he would always regret the decision.

He worked with the press to publish fake photos of him measuring for a wedding suit and preparing for the ceremony.

He also leaked a private letter she wrote after the ceremony to the press, which pissed off Markle.

Following this, she sued the online publication for sharing her personal letter and won the case.

She also released a statement to her father begging him to stop exploiting her marriage to Prince Harry.

Nicholl wrote that the Queen held Harry partly responsible for failing to visit Thomas and welcome him.

The Queen also cared about Harry and asked him to fix his relationship with his father and brother.