Shay Mitchell went on Instagram today and shared a set of pictures and clips of her grandma who passed away recently.

The actress’ loves to call her grandmother “Gram.”

She wrote in the caption: “Although inevitable, it would nevertheless be one of the hardest things I would ever have to go through the day she’d pass.”

Mitchell added: “From the imaginary games she would play with me when I was little to picking me up from high school because I was being bullied, to keeping scrapbooks of every article and magazine cover I have ever been in, she was my # 1 cheerleader.”

She also noted: “So grateful to have been able to spend such incredible moments with her and my family over 34 years plus having Atlas also be able to have her own special relationship with her.”

Mitchell added: “It’s hard to say that this will ever get easier because right now the pain I feel is excruciating knowing that she is gone.”

The BEIS founder also shared a note to her grandmother: “I love you Gram. And I know you’re looking down on me with a drink in hand.”

Fans and notable personalities wrote heartfelt messages in the comments section.

Activist Nichelle Hines commented: “Shay. I’m sending you so much love. Grandparents are our Angels on earth and I’m so sorry for your loss.”