Shanna Moakler, who might have been single for a while, noted in a video that her daughter might be trying to help her find love.

Despite being old enough to make her own choices and decisions, the teenager seems intent on helping.

She said in the short clip that Alabama would take her phone and write to random men on Instagram.

She looked more bemused than irritated as she tried to assure her that she was fine and did not need help.

Their relationship has not always been this smooth, as the 17-year-old had previously claimed their mother was absent.

These claims were vehemently denied by Moakler, who felt she was being shamed on purpose.

Her son had also previously shared the same sentiment in his response to someone online.

The reality TV star’s ex-boyfriend posted a heartfelt message after he was released of domestic violence charges against her.

He had been arrested after posting a video of himself angrily reacting to claims that Moakler had been unfaithful in their relationship.