Shailene Woodley supports fiance Aaron Rodgers' stance against the COVID-19 vaccine despite contaminating the virus.

Rodgers insinuated he was vaccinated when he claimed to be "immunized" in August, causing severe backlash.

Woodley has reportedly tuned out of the internet noise. Rodger's controversy causes no relationship strain.

The quarterback decided following claimed research, medical consultation, and conversations with Joe Rogan.

Rogers' contamination, following immunization with Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies, means he will avoid upcoming games.

Woodley responded with an Instagram post about surviving tough times and a tweet about raising standards.

The couple met through friends and bonded in the privacy of the pandemic.

Rodgers announced his engagement on February 6 to prevent the news from leaking beforehand.

Woodley mentioned that they kept it a secret to enjoy life in their “little bubble.”