Scott Disick

The Lord is "embarrassed and mad."

Reportedly ‘Embarrassed’ By DM Drama With Younes Bendjima

'Lord' Disick feels betrayed and is upset that he assumed Bendjima was his ally, according to HollywoodLife.



Scott is embarrassed and also mad at Younes for exposing his DM to the world, HollywoodLife's source said.

HL's source


“He was caught up in his feelings and was called out on it and now he is feeling the repercussions from it all.” 

Disick especially doesn't like being trolled online, and that it "really has thrown him for a loop."

Reaching out to Kourtney's other ex was a strange move. Even Younes seemed confused and said they have never gotten along after he put Scott on blast.

Disick was reportedly trying to figure out a way to recover from the debacle socially, but HL says his close friends advised him to do nothing and let people forget.


In the meantime, Scott's GF, Amelia Hamlin, has been very supportive throughout this interesting time.  “Let’s be nicer to each other. We’re all trying our best,” she wrote on her IG story.


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Kourtney made her feelings known!