Sara Bareilles shared her mental health journey on Instagram.

The singer showed off her pill in a picture she posted on January 18.

In the caption, she mentioned how it helped her live a better life.

She wrote, “I wanted to write a little bit about the fact that after 20 years of feeling very strongly that it was not the path I needed to take…I have tried medication for the first time.”

Bareilles continued, “For the first time in months I can feel myself again- my joy, my optimism and my laughter are among some of the precious parts of myself I have rediscovered.”

She added, “They sit at my soul’s table, along with my sweet sadness and my tender anxiety…who, by the way, aren’t the only ones talking anymore. It is a profound, holy relief.”

She also revealed feeling “desperate and overwhelmed almost all the time” in the past year.

The “Girls5eva” star also added, “I was blessed with a breaking point. So let it all break open…so it can be reassembled to be stronger than before. Keep going. Begin Again.”

The singer claimed his parents spent millions from his earnings.