Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa got into a tiff during their Friday episode of their Live show.

The duo argued over the correct way to read a top 10 list.

Seacrest was tasked with reading out the top 10 most popular dog names in America.

The red-carpet host started by saying “Rosie” the tenth dog name was at the top of the list.

Ripa disagreed with his wording stating that “Rosie” was actually at the bottom of the list.

A frustrated Seacrest tried to explain that it’s the top 10 from a list of 100 names, so “Rosie” is in the top.

He also stated that he does “the American top 40” implying he’s well versed in reading a countdown list.

Kelly rebutted by asking, “Oh do you start with number one [at the American top 40]?”

Seacrest eventually gave in and frustratingly asked his co-host “What would you like me to do next?”