Rosie O’Donnell recently wrote about one of her emotional experiences with her 9-year-old daughter, Dakota.

O’Donnell revealed to People magazine that Dakota once requested to speak with her birth mother.

She shared Dakota’s experience with her birth mom and said it was an intense, emotional experience.

O’Donnell also spoke about her journey raising Dakota and described her as “endlessly curious.”

The comedian also has four other kids, Parker, Chelsea, Blake, and Vivienne.

She said giving up a child is the “biggest act of generosity” that a human being can do.

O’Donnell also said that Dakota’s autism had made her life better in many unexpected ways.

She said her daughter has taught her a lot and allowed her to see the world with new eyes.

O’Donnell also said she found the perfect school in Los Angeles to help Dakota read and learn at her grade level.