It seems boys will be boys, till the very end, even if they are scions of the British Royal Family.

The beleaguered Prince Harry has just released an explosive book, “Spare.”

In it, he recounts the resentment of being a spare to William’s “heir”, as per the laws of the British monarchy.

Basically being treated as second-best has not sat well with him over the years, compounded by the mistreatment of his wife, Meghan Markle by his family.

In the book, Harry recalls how William came to him to discuss the catastrophe in their family but came simmering.

William complained about Meghan to Harry who in turn told him that he expected better.

After an escalation in the argument, William came at Harry and shoved him, ripping his necklace off in the process.

Harry fell on the dog bowl, shattering it and injuring him in the process.

When Meghan Markle got to know about the incident, Harry recalls she just was very sad.