Sir Paul McCartney worked to enact big change through the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The former Beatle has worked on climate change initiatives for over a decade with his daughters Mary and Stella.

The trio adopted “Meat Free Mondays” and hope to save natural resources while improving their health with weekly plant-based days.

McCartney joined forces with Ela Gandhi, Rooney Mara, and Phoenix to ask the COP26 delegates to enact the Plant-Based Treaty.

They’re asking for the treaty to be a part of the Paris Agreement, which reduces the world’s temperature and reduces carbon releases.

McCartney also believes in ethical animal treatment, and healthy and better lifestyles for people.

The Plant-Based treaty also minimizes animal agriculture and will promote reforestation.

The treaty also changes subsidies, taxes, and campaigns.

Singer Moby also joined the charge – he said the world is facing a methane emergency, which needs to be resolved.