Pamela Anderson defended Tim Allen's act of flashing his penis at her on the set of "Home Improvement."

She said about the incident, "Tim is a comedian, it's his job to cross the line. I'm sure he had no bad intentions."

In an excerpt from her upcoming book Love, Pamela detailed the alleged flashing incident.

In the book, Anderson also discussed seeing actor Jack Nicholson engage in a threesome at the playboy mansion.

The "Baywatch" actress recalled attempting to avoid looking, but she "couldn't help" herself.

She also shared details about her toxic marriage with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The pair went viral for their infamous sex tape, which inspired Hulu's hit series "Pam &Tommy."

During her appearance on "The Howard Stern" show, Anderson claimed that the producers did not get in touch with her before greenlighting the series.

She also voiced her dismay over not being portrayed positively in the show.