The band’s frontman announced a new date for their previously canceled Amsterdam show.

The band would be returning to the stage on July 7.

The update came some days after the actor and producer revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

The test result came in just as the 60-year-old band was gearing up for the Amsterdam show at the impressive Johan Cruyff Arena.

The Rolling Stones were quick to apologize for the short notice especially since fans were already at the venue.

A new date was yet to be announced for their Switzerland show, which also got canceled.

Amid his health troubles, Jagger has also had to address comparison battles between him and Harry Styles.

Fans started comparing them years ago after Styles imitated Jagger for a SNL sketch in 2017.

The rocker admitted that even though he was cool with the former One Direction member, the latter could never measure up to his style and dance moves.