Tattoos are a historic form of expression that has been embraced by millions of people worldwide.

Megan Fox is a celebrity that loves tattoos and has several on her body that is symbolic and significant to her.

She revealed that she has always preferred men with tattoos and her dating history reflects it.

Her ex-husband Brian Austin Green and her current boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly had tattoos before their relationship with Fox began.

If Fox dates someone with no tattoos, she makes them get a tattoo of her name or face on their body.

Fox's partners that had tattoos previously still got tattoos that referenced her or matched with her during their relationship.

Fox has over eight tattoos that range from poems and names to quotes and symbols.

She revealed that her favorite tattoo is the poem on her ribs because it's the most interesting place she has tattooed.

Fox revealed that her tattoo of a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche was not a reference to her controversial, former co-star, Michael Rourke.