Did Mariah Carey get a face makeover?!?

The singer’s face has fans absolutely shook on social media.

MC is celebrating the 32nd birthday of debut album titled, “Mariah Carey.”

The singer may have gotten a little excited for the birthday and went overboard with fillers and injections.

On Sunday, June 12, MC posted a video of herself looking into her phone’s camera while doing a kissy face while “Vision of Love” is playing.

Many fans were LIVING for the video on Twitter, while others were absolutely terrified by her seemingly “new face.”

“Mariah Carey is unrecognizable. She looks horrific with her new face 😱🤦🏼‍♀️👎🏻🤭,” one fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “What happened to her face?”

This very triggered fan wrote, “you look so evil here chile it is scary. Your face is lopsided please stop with the fillers and eyebrow lifts 😥 #thetruth no one around you tells you the truth so I will.”