“Spooky Season” has officially come and gone.

Mariah Carey is letting EVERYONE know it’s officially #MariahSZN.

The singer celebrated the end of Halloween by taking a baseball bat to some pumpkins; however, it wasn’t just any baseball bat.

The baseball bat was decked out from top to bottom in red and white candy cane-colored stripes.

In true Mariah fashion, she was outfitted in a sparkly red floor-length gown with ruby red sparkly heels.

She is met by three pumpkins that have the following saying carved into them, “It’s Not Time.”

With a smirk on her face, Mariah swings the bat behind her head and basically sledgehammers the bat down into each of the pumpkins.

Her signature holiday song, “All I Want For Christmas” begins to play in the background while a clock alarm goes off signaling that it is the start of #MariahSZN!

Mariah captioned the hilarious video, “Ready? Let’s go! 🎃➡️🎄.”