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Mariah Carey DESTROYS Pumpkins To Ring In MariahSZN!

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By MLC on November 1, 2021 at 12:05 PM EDT

“Spooky Season” has officially come and gone, and Mariah Carey is letting EVERYONE know it’s officially #MariahSZN

The singer celebrated the end of Halloween by taking a baseball bat to some pumpkins; however, it wasn’t just any baseball bat.

No, this bat was decked out from top to bottom in red and white candy cane colored stripes.

Mariah took to TikTok to celebrate the start of Christmas season with a video of herself absolutely going ham on three pumpkins.

It’s pretty comical!

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Check Out Mariah Smashing Pumpkins!

In true Mariah fashion, she was outfitted in a sparkly red floor-length gown with ruby red sparkly heels.

She then peers out of her front door with the baseball bat ready to go.

She is met by three pumpkins that have the following saying carved into them, “It’s Not Time.”

Oh yes, it is time.

With a smirk on her face, Mariah swings the bat behind her head and basically sledgehammers the bat down into each of the pumpkins.

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It's Time For MariahSZN!

Mariah Carey in a red sparkly gown

Her signature holiday song, “All I Want For Christmas” begins to play in the background while a clock alarm goes off signaling that it is the start of #MariahSZN!

The video ends with, “It’s time to smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie… cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!”

Mariah captioned the hilarious video, “Ready? Let’s go! ?➡️?.”

Her fans went off in the comments with one writing, “The queen has defrosted I repeat the queen has defrosted.”

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The Queen has defrosted!

Mariah Carey Ad Located Near Penn Station NY
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Mariah Carey Ad Located Near Penn Station NY
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Another person played off of the “defrost” joke and wrote, “SHE JUST DEFROSTED YALL BE READY.”

This not so amused fan replied, “YALL IT BARELY EVEN NOV 1 DAMN,” and another wrote, “she’s ready for her paycheck.”

The queen of Christmas has definitely risen and we at The Blast are so here for it.

In other Mariah news, her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, revealed earlier last month that there is a particular gift he got their twins and she is NOT happy about it.

In one of the October episodes of his daytime talk show that he hosts, he made it known that Carey was not happy that he got the twins, Moroccan and Monroe, mobile phones as birthday gifts to mark their tenth birthday without her knowledge.

Nick Cannon wearing blue rubber gloves
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Cannon also explained that his and Mariah’s twins wanted mobile phones since they were eight years old, although they already had iPads. Carey, their mother, did not welcome the idea then.

Carey explained that, at that age, they shouldn’t be googling their parents on the internet.

Well, it looks like cell phones won’t be on the Carey-Cannon Christmas list this year.

Remember, mother ALWAYS knows best.

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