Logan Paul is NOT a bad pet owner… so says Logan himself.

On Monday, January 9th, an animal rescue organization, Gentle Barn, shared a TikTok video of a massive pig named Pearl.

She was once owned by YouTuber and entrepreneur, Logan Paul.

Sadly, she was found in very bad shape by Gentle Barn.

Pearl was found abandoned in a field next to a dead pig. She had torn and tattered ears in addition to a potentially-life threatening infection.

Logan has broken his silence and insists he DID NOT leave Pearl in bad condition.

In fact, he claims he rehomed her over two years ago.

He explained that Pearl lived happily at his Encino home and was given a healthy diet, bathed regularly, and had shelter.``

“When I moved to Puerto Rico inn April of 2020, she was unable to come with me, so she was rehomed at a horse ranch in Santa Clarita,” he claims.