Since Lisa came on RHOBH, fans have fallen in love with her and her lively mother.

Rinna shared on Instagram that her mother had just suffered a stroke.

Not much is known about Lois’ prognosis or whether her daughter spent the Wednesday with her.

In a May 2013 tweet, Rinna shared that Lois had to endure a stroke before and took months of rehabilitation.

In December 2020, she shared that she hadn’t seen Lois in almost a year.

Rinna shared a story of how her mother was almost a victim of a brutal murder a few years before she was born by a man called Daniel Carpenter.

She was almost raped and killed by him until a military policeman saved her.

After Rinna’s post, many friends and family sent them well-wishes for Lois’ safe recovery.

RHOBH is currently in production, and Lois’ health challenge will likely be mentioned when it is released in 2022.