Kim Kardashian’s massive Photoshop fail is creating more buzz and backlash by the day.

The photo published on December 31, 2021, features her daughter, Chicago West, and her cousin, True Thompson.

It’s still generating A LOT of discussion.

Kim came clean about Photoshopping True’s face onto what is Stormi Webster’s body in the photo.

The reason she just had to use Photoshop was due to her Instagram “aesthetic.”

Fans on Reddit noticed that Kim also colored Stormi’s hand to match True’s skin tone.

One person commented, “KIM DARKENED THE SKIN ON STORMI’S HAND TO MATCH TRUE. I need everyone to seriously understand how disgusting and unhinged this is. So incredibly wrong.”

This critic wrote, “In no way is this normal behavior.”

This entire thing is deranged. She thinks she’s being snarky and funny, but it’s honestly such embarrassing behavior from a grown woman. and the jokes are falling flat,” another said.