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Sabrina Carpenter Sparks Frenzy As SKIMS Model In Retro-Inspired Underwear Campaign

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By Alisan Duran on April 2, 2024 at 5:20 AM EDT

Sabrina Carpenter takes a nostalgic journey to the '90s era in her debut campaign for SKIMS underwear, embracing a retro-themed aesthetic!

Within this captivating campaign, the talented singer showcases various pieces from SKIMS' renowned Stretch Lace and Fits Everybody collections.

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Sabrina Carpenter Gets Candid About The Campaign

Carpenter, 24, expressed her enduring admiration for the brand, revealing that she has been a devoted fan for quite some time. She emphasized the resonance she felt with the campaign's celebration of femininity, highlighting the synchronicity she found with its aesthetic.

"SKIMS has so many beautiful underwear styles that I was so excited to wear," she said in a statement. "I love both collections, especially the delicacy of the Stretch Lace and the second-skin feel of Fits Everybody. Every piece I wore was super-flattering and so comfortable."

The campaign was expertly captured by British photographer Jack Bridgland, whose artistic vision beautifully brought Carpenter's connection with the brand and its message to life.

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Baring It All In Lace Lingerie

Following the footsteps of esteemed celebrity spokesmodels like Usher, Lana Del Rey, and Alex Cooper, Carpenter has gracefully stepped into her debut SKIMS campaign, radiating vibrance in colorful lacy lingerie.

Embracing a super-feminine aesthetic, Carpenter's shoot exudes a nostalgic charm, evoking the late '90s and early '00s era. Set in a floral bedroom reminiscent of the period, she effortlessly channels the essence of a bygone era despite being born in '99 herself.

The imagery is rich with nods to the past, from her use of a cordless phone to her engagement with a personal compact disc player. Surrounding her, a pink boombox and '80s hair metal posters on the walls further enhance the retro atmosphere, creating a captivating visual narrative that captivates the viewer's imagination.

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Sparking A Frenzy

Among those captivated is Carpenter's new boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, whose reaction to the campaign is anything but nonchalant, echoing the enthusiastic response from audiences worldwide.

"Cause of death this post," noted a follower, while another remarked, "These are too good."

A third commenter expressed, "NO NO YA'LL DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SERVE THAT THIS IS."

The fourth person added, "SABRINA CARPENTER, YOU ARE UNREAL… This shoot is everything are you joking???? Absolutely in love."

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What Inspired The Spring Collection

Kim Kardashian, cofounder and chief creative officer of SKIMS, acknowledged Carpenter's "playful style" as a significant influence on the spring collection.

The "Tall Girl" star's unique approach to fashion served to enhance the inspiration behind the offering, infusing it with an energetic and dynamic vibe. Alongside Carpenter's contributions, the collection features additional pieces such as high-cut bodysuits and micro thongs, adding further versatility and allure to the ensemble.

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Kim Kardashian Praises Sabrina Carpenter

In a statement, Kardashian emphasized Carpenter's multifaceted talent, describing her as not only a highly skilled musician but also as possessing a keen fashion sense and an undeniable "it" factor.

The reality star highlighted Carpenter's ability to connect with and resonate deeply with the next generation, underscoring her influence and appeal across various aspects of contemporary culture.

Timing Is Perfect

The timing of the campaign is strategically savvy, coinciding with Carpenter's upcoming performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, scheduled for April 12 and 19 in Indio, California. This alignment ensures heightened visibility for the singer as she takes the stage at one of the most prominent music festivals, amplifying the reach and impact of both her performance and her involvement in the SKIMS campaign.

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