Khloe Kardashian is giving fans a look into what a Kardashian family Christmas looks like.

And from the looks of the video, it looks pretty hilarious all thanks to Koko.

The reality TV star shared a viral meme video of a women’s choir singing “Jingle Bells” to her Instagram Story over the weekend.

The meme read, “I won’t get so drunk today! Also Me:”

The video shows a very expressive woman wearing Christmas tree sunglasses and shaking a sleigh bells instrument.

Khloe captioned the video, “I am the one in the Christmas glasses. My sisters are everyone else.”

The women surrounding the Christmas tree glasses female look at her with dismay, question and concern.

While this isn’t an actual behind-the-scenes video of the Kar-Jenner family on Christmas, fans get an idea of how the day progresses when Khloe’s in the holiday spirit.

The mother-of-two has admitted Christmas is her favorite holiday and she’s been counting down the days to Xmas since Halloween.