Jessica Simpson spoke about her mental health struggles and how proud she is of the person she has become.

Simpson recently engaged the public in a conversation about her looks and some fans left negative comments.

Following this, she posted a video singing “Party Of One” on Instagram and attached a caption to address the critics.

Simpson explained that she “needed to be in her studio” that day because music usually helped her “ground herself” and “heal.”

She then revealed that she blocked out the negative comments and “destructive noise” because of her mental health.

The star, who has been sober since 2017, revealed that the past five years taught her that she could do anything she put her mind to.

The actress noted that she felt bad for how much hate the critics carried since they could easily “blurt out” hurtful things on social media.

She revealed that one thing that kept her happy during her mental health episodes was singing.

Simpson then advised her fans to believe in their dreams and block out the hate as she did.