Kanye West Almost Cut Chance The Rapper From 'Ultralight Beam'

‘I Had To Go Back And Forth With Him.’

Chance revealed that he nearly didn’t make the cut for West’s 'Life Of Pablo' album during a recent interview with the Recording Academy.

The rapper had to have a “back and forth” with West to get his verse on “Ultralight Beam" because he was unwilling to change his lyrics.

His verse included lyrics that predicted his Grammy wins.

“I rapped on Kanye’s s**t right before it came out that I was working on these three Grammys," Chance said.

— Chance the rapper

“Kanye didn’t want me to say that on that song. And I had to go back and forth with him about keeping my line on there.”

Despite not wanting to change his lyrics, the rapper is a huge fan of Ye and just wanted to be on the song.

“To be able to produce and write and to be featured on the intro, the first real rap verse you hear on the album, was crazy to me.”