Iggy Azalea posted pictures of herself wearing a strappy black lingerie set, robe, and heels in front of a parked airplane.

Her caption read, "For your mood board," indicating that she knew her snaps would inspire others.

The post received over 400,000 likes and 2,000 comments from fans who complimented her on her flawless figure.

The post is likely part of her "OnlyFans" collaboration, where she charges $25 per month for access to her account.

In an interview, she explained that she joined OnlyFans because she had always gotten the smallest cut from deals made from her body.

She also stated that she did not have to apologize for commodifying her body, as it had already been commodified by others.

She allegedly made over $300k on her first day and subsequently bought a new house and a car.

While many fans congratulated her on her success, others criticized her for spending her money on luxury items.

Azalea shut down a Twitter hater who criticized her for her purchase of the Rolls Royce.