Noah uploaded a TikTok video wearing a gray hoodie while resting his head on white pillows.

The actor wrote across the video that he had spent 18 years hiding his sexuality from people who already knew he was gay.

The post received an avalanche of love in the comment section and on Twitter.

One Twitter user noted his protection of his ‘Stranger Things’ character Will and another called him an ‘icon.’

Another fan said they did not see Noah coming out as part of 2023 occurrences and a fourth joked about him using an unserious audio to come out.

A fifth person wrote a thread about his happiness that a minority celebrity was coming out to the public.

The Netflix show has hinted at Will’s sexuality over the run of the seasons, especially pointing to it in the eighth episode of season four.

One scene showed Will giving his best friend a pep talk when the latter complained about his girlfriend.

It turned out that Will was “100% gay” and in love with his best friend, who he was yet to come out to.