Google just released a list of 2021’s most searched pop culture moments and here’s a list of celebrity romances from there.

Unexpected break-ups, unlikely hook-ups, and the almost-were stories asides, there’s a revenge saga in there too.

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West seven-year marriage dissolved. Ye still wants his family back but KimK has moved on to Pete Davidson and things are getting serious there.

Another surprise was when Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez called it quits. While he went into scandals, she moved back to old flame Ben Affleck and things are have been going strong for the reunited lovers.

Tom Holland and Zendaya also came up as young love, finally confirming the celebrity romance rumors they had been long denying.

Meanwhile Taylor Swift turned the heat on Jake Gyllenhaal by releasing a short film, her directorial debut, re-recording the song “All Too Well”. Neither party has released any statement but the fans remember, all too well.

Finally, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles made a wildcard couple entry this year by holding hands and attending the wedding of a friend.

The couples who broke up seem to have moved on quickly and Bennifer and Holivia are emerging crowd favorites.

If nothing, Google proves that nothing beats a good celebrity romance when it comes to fans.