Gwyneth Paltrow looked back on her body changes and her tough delivery of daughter Apple.

"The Politician" actress had two caesareans. She and Apple "almost died" during the emergency delivery.

The 49-year-old noticed a big shocking belly scar after birth which she tried not to judge.

Paltrow is glad her pregnancy happened before the social media pressure to lose pregnancy weight.

The "Iron Man" star is full of admiration for her "brilliant and hardworking" lookalike, Apple.

Paltrow said Apple once thought of her as a "total loser" but admires her now.

The mother-daughter duo has collaborated on several Goop projects.

Following doctors' recommendations, Paltrow has drastically reduced her alcohol intake after her COVID-19 infection.

The star said she feels "so good" but is unsure her decision will be permanent.