“Teen Mom” star Chelsea [Houska] DeBoer has lost a family member.

The former MTV reality star shared that her Great Dane, Phil, has passed away.

The merle Great Dane was nine-years-old.

The average lifespan of that breed is seven-to-ten years, so Phil lived a rather long life.

She posted a video montage on her Instagram account and captioned the tear-jerking video, “Grateful for 9 years with this boy 🌈.”

The video montage shows photos of Phil with her first-born daughter, Aubree, since he was a puppy and she was a little girl.

The post included a voiceover, talking about the "tough" time they're having while saying goodbye to their pet.

Another video shows her husband, Cole DeBoer, petting Phil while on the phone, and another with his head in his hand while Aubree hugs her big dog.

Chelsea is no stranger to tragically losing a pet. In 2013, her dog Frankie was killed by a neighbor’s Husky. This was captured on MTV cameras.