On Tuesday, February 15, Lynne Spears commented on Britney's Instagram post debuting her new puppy.

The estranged mother wrote, "The most beautiful pup ever with blue eyes!!!”

A fan accused Lynne of playing nice for legal fees payment and residence in the house Britney bought her.

Many other internet users found the matriarch's comment suspicious.

On Tuesday night, Spears showed off her Australian shepherd named Sawyer, who she found on her Maui trip.

The "Circus" singer also teased her pet cat, who she describes as a miniature cheetah, on Instagram.

 Britney revealed that her house is full of small animals, and she likes it that way.

The "Blackout" singer recently called out her estranged family for their "sick psychology" and manipulation.

Britney admitted that her one regret in all her 40 years is not spitting in their "stupid f—ing faces !!!”