Evan Rachel Wood has something to say about Marilyn Manson’s defamation lawsuit against her.

During her guesting on The View, Wood said: “I can't speak about any of the specific allegations of the lawsuit. But I am not scared.”

Wood was sued by Manson on March 2 for the sexual abuse allegation she made against him in her “Phoenix Rising” documentary.

The actress continued: “I am sad because this is how it works. This is what pretty much every survivor that tries to expose someone in a position of power goes through.”


She added: “This is part of the retaliation that keeps survivors quiet. This is why people don't want to come forward. This was expected.”

Wood also noted that she feels “very confident that I have the truth on my side and that the truth will come out.”

Wood also explained: “I'm not doing this to clear my name, I'm doing this to protect people.”

She continued: “I'm doing this to sound the alarm that there's a dangerous person out there, and I don't want anybody getting near him.”

Wood accused Manson of raping her on the set of his 2007 music video.