Emily Ratajkowski accused director Andrew Dominik of idolizing women’s pain in “Blonde.”

The Marilyn Monroe biopic was released on September 22nd 2022, and has received negative reactions.

She explained that women were victims of hate even in death and that society needed to change.

She also admitted to fetishizing her own pain as it made her feel sexy to have issues.

Emily stated that she will ‘hate’ the film when she eventually sees it.

Courtney Stodden felt personally affected by the film as someone who was sexually exploited in the past.

Critics accused the film of misogyny, sexism, and exploitation of female pain.

The film had anti-Abortion scenes, where Monroe was forced to have an abortion and tormented by a fetus.

The movie also featured a scene with Monroe conversing with a fetus and then suffering a miscarriage afterwards.