"Atlanta's" director and star actor Donald Glover revealed he tried to get Ryan Gosling to feature on the show.

"He said he was a big fan, but he had something else, and it just didn't work out," Glover said, explaining his efforts to bring on Gosling.

Season four of "Atlanta" will end the show's run on FX networks.

In his interview with People, Glover recalled a few highlights from the show's set.

Glover stated that filming the show's last episode was very emotional and memorable.

In "Atlanta," Glover plays Earn, a college dropout who is deeply involved in his cousin's rap career.

Brian Tyree Henry portrays Earn's cousin, Alfred, professionally known as "Paper Boi."

Atlanta has received critical acclaim since its premiere in 2016.

Donald Glover landed several awards for his work on the series.