Olivia Rodrigo may be starting off 2022 single.

The singer has been linked to Adam Faze since last year following her rumored breakup from Joshua Bassett.

Fans of the break-up ballad genius may have noticed she UNFOLLOWED Faze on Instagram and the breakup rumors began to circulate.

The “Traitor” singer unfollowed both Adam Faze’s personal and professional accounts on the social media platform.

It’s worth mentioning that she is currently following zero accounts/people on Instagram.

Olivia’s unfollow comes after Page Six reported on Faze reportedly packing up shop and moving from Los Angeles to New York.

The breakup rumors started circulating around New Year’s Eve after Faze and Rodrigo spent the holiday apart.

The 18-year-old also hinted at trouble in paradise during an interview with Vogue where she discussed the “best way to get over someone.”

Neither Olivia nor Faze have confirmed the breakup rumors.