Hollywood is the kind of place that’s capable of making anyone’s career, especially when they know people in high places.

Denzel Washington was born in New York and finished high school at Oakland Military School.

He has acted in major movies like “Malcolm X” and “Much Ado About Nothing,” and has three Golden Globe Awards.

Washington bluntly stated he preferred keeping his old friends to making industry friends.

He preferred not to make friends because he’s a loner and not a “buttkisser.”

His rep called out The Guardian for not mentioning the few people he saw beyond work-related ships.

Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Omar Hardwick, and Will Smith seemed to be the few people he sees as friends in the industry.

Washington struggles with being seen as a celebrity. He claims that all he wanted to be was “good at what he does.”

Washington has almost no idea where Hollywood is.