Denise Richards posted a lovely Christmas-themed seductive video to wish her fans.

But like everything on Instagram, the trolls came down on her hard, Grinch-style.

From calling her too old and asking her to “slow down, grandma”, the haters went down to new lows.

Richards wore a sexy Santa-themed bodysuit with a plunging neckline.

Thigh-high white stockings and fur trim along with a gold buckled Santa belt made her look rather festive,

The video also showed clips of her in a black bustier with a red jacket, something Carmen Electra definitely appreciated.

But there were plenty of trolls online to tell Denise off and ask her to behave more classy.

The 51-year-old mom-of-three also gets targeted because of her OnlyFans account.

Thankfully, there were some fans who tried to shut the haters down, although Richards herself kept mum.