Cheryl Burke posted a video about how she took a week off to declutter her thoughts.

The star noted that it was necessary because it was a way to detoxify and decompress.

She advised her followers to take time to do the same thing, as it helped her to observe instead of drowning in her thoughts.

The news of her departure hit the fans and audience she had garnered over the years of dancing on the show.

She noted in the post on her page that she felt conflicted about leaving but was sure she made the right decision.

The pro dancer thanked everyone, especially the crew and cast, who she said had seen her during her best and most challenging moments.

Fans and fellow competitors alike dropped comments acknowledging her style, hard work, and education to the show.

She compared leaving the series to the divorce of her husband of three years, Matthew Lawrence.

She did admit, however, that the separation from the show was amicable, albeit bittersweet.