Since Channing Tatum split from Jenna Dewan in 2018, he has learned to take on the role of a single father.

He recently opened up to Fatherly about the challenges he faced and his parenting journey in its entirety.

He confessed that at the start of this journey, he wasn't sure what to do and was initially afraid of fatherhood.

He also shared that he and his dad didn't have the best relationship and he didn't want that kind of relationship with his daughter.

As his parenting journey unfolded, it dawned on him that all he had to do was "go into her world and do whatever it is that Everly wanted” him to do.

He shared a heartwarming picture and caption on his Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

He also wrote his first children's book, "The One and Only Sparkella." which he dedicated to his daughter.

Tatum also shared with Parents that the book was inspired by the time he spent with his daughter in lockdown.

In his interview with Fatherly, Tatum shared parenting tips he had learned over the years and what he wished to teach his daughter as she grew older.