Britney Spears pulled off an "Oops, I Did It Again" moment, again.

She's taken to posting celebrity songs, videos, pictures, and even deep fakes, without actually realizing who she is talking about.

Or as some trolls say, it's the new Britney thing, to post about celebrities but not know who they exactly are.

Guess Britney Spears has something against British guys? Or is it just Ed Sheeran and Tom Hardy?

Unsurprisingly, one of Britney's latest posts is also of her dancing.

Somewhere between the bikinis and beaches, Britney also takes time to share things that inspire her, even if the captions leave everyone guessing.

So she shared a magazine story about baseball player Jonny Gomes and the key tattoo on his arm.

She also shared a video of a young Tom Hardy and said how she was inspired to believe in magic because of him,

But what left Instagram in splits, was the fact that Spears referred to Tom Hardy as "the British guy" without recognizing him for who he was.