Britney Spears is now out for the blood of therapists if her latest Instagram rant is anything to go by.

In a more than two-and-a-half minutes "skit" as her fans labeled it, she mocked therapists by mimicking them.

In the video rant, Britney faces the camera with the widest, most artificial smile and voice she can manage, and it seems, her acting career is just waiting around the corner.

Her caption was equally direct, as she wrote, "After doing exactly 840 hours of unwanted therapy in a motherf***ing chair, this is my message to all my therapists.”

She then dropped the bomb, asking them to "KISS MY MOTHERF***ING A**.

In her caption, she also berated her family who forced her to go to therapy as they “condoned the torture.”

She pretended to be a therapist herself in the video, dressed in a lace outfit with bell sleeves and conservative black pumps.

Speaking in an overly excited, raspy voice, Britney mocked her therapists by using the same phrases on camera, as they used on her.

As always, her latest Instagram posts left the Internet divided, as some fanned her rant while others trolled it.