Bob Saget shared a funny story about Betty White in a “beautiful” tribute.

Saget told a story about how he used to hang out with her.

One time, they were on an ABC jet for a “junket” and they were both sipping Bloody Mary’s.

He joked that he asked her to join him in the bathroom to join the Mile High Club.

She said, “Of course, Bob, you go in there first and I’ll meet you as soon as I finish my drink.”

Saget said that he waited in the bathroom for over two hours before he realized she wasn’t coming.

“That would be the joke on a joke part, in case you take things literally,” he added.

He said he used to sneak on the set of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when he was 15 to watch her.

“My deepest condolences to her family and friends,” he concluded. “Betty White. My God we will miss you.”