2022's Met Gala "Gilded Cage" had plenty of drama, and a lot of it revolved around Billie Eilish and her Gucci gown.

The fitted Gucci gown came with a tight bodice, in teal, champagne, and green with hints of periwinkle.

The cool bit was also that Eilish's dress was made completely of "existing materials" to be eco-friendly.

Then came some drama with Cardi B, who wore a head-to-toe gold-chain custom gown, made for her by Atelier Versace.

Interestingly, a video clip surfaced from the Met Gala, where Billie Eilish is heard mouthing the word "weird" when Cardi B was making a speech to the crowd.

But Cardi B is having none of it, as she soon took to Twitter to clear the air, calling the Internet bad, and Billie Eilish her baby.

She also posted voice messages from Billie, where she's heard saying, "Oh my God, I was so worried you were gonna see that.”

To top it off, after Eilish spoke to Emma Chamberlain and said, "I love to judge", Addison Rae went on to Instagram.

Addison is now asking Eilish to "judge her", in her barely-there after-party Met Gala costume.