Bethenny Frankel's heart went out to Astroworld's youngest victim, Ezra Blount.

The unfortunate incident left the 9-year-old in a life-threatening condition.

Frankel decided to help the poor boy by supporting him with her BStrong foundation.

The TV personality's organization typically focused on aiding victims of natural disasters.

However, the 51-year-old wished to help Ezra after finding out about his family's GoFundMe page.

After donating $10,000 to the boy's wellbeing, Frankel implored fans also to help.

Travis Scott has been sued by Ezra's family as the perpetrator of the boy's condition.

Ezra suffered severe damages to his brain, liver, and kidneys which escalated into a coma.

Scott was aiding victims by paying for funeral costs and providing free mental health services.