Austin Butler has officially become Elvis 2.0.

The American actor can’t seem to shake his deep and soulful Elvis accent despite “Elvis” the movie coming out in June 24, 2022.

Following his Golden Globes win on January 10th, Butler’s newfound accent might just be the MOST meme’d, GIF’d and ridiculed thing on the internet.

Butler took home the Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his portrayal of Elvis.

During his acceptance, his usual voice was overshadowed by his accent and the internet isn’t sure how to feel about it.

Many sounded off on Twitter with their thoughts and even hilarious video clips.

“Have we checked on the hypnotist that’s holding Austin Butler in a perpetual Elvis voice trance? #GoldenGlobes,” one Twitter user joked.

“Watching Austin Butler’s voice getting dragged on social media. This is the best Golden Globes ever 😍,” another wrote.

One person questioned if Butler’s voice will remain this way forever writing, “Trying to figure out if this is just going to be Austin Butler’s voice forever?”