After several women accused Armie Hammer of abuse in 2021, he abandoned his acting and left the spotlight.

Social media users became convinced that Hammer works as a concierge at a hotel due to a fake flyer.

The rumor that Hammer is a concierge was supported by how private and secretive he is about his life.

The flyer read, “I am your personal concierge and am here to help you get the very best from your vacation.”

The flyer was actually just a prank and remained local until Muna Mire tweeted about it.

Hammer’s lack of work activity in the past year also supported the concierge rumor.

Andrew Brettler, Hammer’s lawyer, made it clear that all the rumors were completely false.

The flyer listed Morritt Resort as the hotel, and an employee there also denied the rumors.

After the abuse allegations and the Instagram message leak, Hammer’s ex confirmed that they were all real.